Fiona Candy

CandyFiona Candy is an independent artist and researcher. Until recently she was Senior Lecturer in Fashion and Textiles, School of Art Design and Performance at UCLAN. Through her art practice Fiona explores less conscious modes of perception: touch, hearing, sense of time, movement, and aims to bring attention to the body in motion. Previous research projects have included a study of wearing denim jeans; business suits; using motion sensors in dance and movement therapy contexts; the lived experience of wearing shoes; of walking barefoot and the changing relationship women living with rheumatoid arthritis have with their wardrobes of clothing. Project support for this work has been gratefully received from AHRC, Arthritis Research UK and Arts Council England. Fiona has published in various domains including interaction design, anthropology and sociology on topics related to clothing, movement and the senses. She has exhibited nationally and internationally under the auspices of the a-brand collaborative label, and is based in Preston, Lancashire, UK.

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