Ewa Satalecka

Ewa SataleckaEwa Satalecka  is a designer and educator living in Bukowno (Poland).  She represents Poland on the international forum of ATypI (International Typography Association). She organized numerous exhibitions on typography and information design, as well as numerous international design workshops and exhibitions. She was the curator of a series of international design conferences “Agrafa” in Katowice, Poland, in 2007, 2010 and 2012 and “Ala has…” international cycles of workshops on typography. MOTYF 2013, 2014  MOTYF 2014 and TIVC 2014 in Warsaw. Konferencja

Her own work, includes kinetic typography installations, were presented in 2008 on the “Liguid Page” Symposium in Tate Britain and in 2011 on the international “Moving Type” Exhibition in the Gutenberg Museum, Mainz (Germany). She designs graphic and writes on the topic of communication design in 2+3D Magazine. “Lapikon” and “Fajrant” books under her redaction are available on issuu. “Fajrant” was prized TDC 2012 certificate.She is a professor of the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Warsaw, leader of the moving type class